Thursday, 13 December 2007

Now that the Otleyobs group if firmly in place and functioning on a weekly basis I thought we should begin some form of documentation of the Wednesday night discussions and creative presentations.

Week 1
life drawing discussions of media and emotive content SG/PH
The Windmill Rant RK
This evening consisted of Peter and Shane sharing the work the had done two nights previous at a life drawing session at Harrogate college.

Week 2
sketchbooks of travelling,reflection and pursuing a singular theme JB/PH
Ilkley town centre design RK
Large landscape series/urban rural SG

Week 3
Tolomy Jones 1st chapter JB
Figure through the grid PH
Micklefell Trespass and landscape interpretation RK
Lines Out Of The Black SG

Week 4
Henry Moore Centre for 3D Shutter & Boff RK/JB/SG
Leeds Light Night

Week 5
Trig Point With A View RK
Sophie's Painting JB
Marbled Mother Earth SG

Week 6
A Compromise RK
Doris Lessing and The Computer Age JB
Dream Maquettes SG

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otleyobservationsociety said...

well how about that we are up and running !