Thursday, 10 January 2008

This is a trail map by JB around the centre of Leeds 2008.

For the start of 2008 SG has embarked upon an ambitious task, that of the production of an historic time-line for Otley Chevin Forest Park .The work will consist of a large-scale chainsaw carving wood sculpture trail of symbols past and present.
Here are a small selection of preliminary studies for the project along with the wood I will be using.....average weight 1.5 ton and 4 feet wide each piece.

Chippendale chair and Fossil.
The trail will commence in the Spring of 2008 and will be open and accessible to the public early Summer and all eight sculptures will be sited on Danefield, Otley Chevin, Yorkshire.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

now we are meeting before our inaugural xmas meal out in Otley, now we are off ...

Monday, 17 December 2007

Here is work in progress.

Here is a photograph SG took on his return to England having been living in Pennsylvania,US for the last year. It was his intention to come back to Yorkshire and paint some rugged, classic views of the rural has taken a while to find the focus necessary so the Otleyobs group has been integral in acting as a new catalyst in the production of new work.
All members of the group meet up every Wednesday evening to share creative undertakings made in the previous week, beer is always available and after two months of meeting we have looked at each other's writings, paintings, photography, landscape designs, sketchbooks, notions of trespass aswell as having had conversations ranging from Banksy's stencilling to the application of computers in modern day society !
This painting was made by SG before he went over to the States to paint in July 2006....feels like he is starting to carry on where he left off thanks to Otleyobs.